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Biotechnology Research Committee
Activity and a Role as a Supplier of Scientific Information on GMO

 ILSI Japan Biotechnology Research Committee was organized in 1989 on the occasion of organizing the International Seminar on Biotechnology. Since its foundation, the Committee organized many symposia and seminars , and also published several books and reports which advocated domestic modern biotechnology. In 2000, ILSI Japan contributed to organize successful meeting of the Pre-Codex Symposium on Food Safety and Biotechnology in Chiba, Japan. After then, ILSI Japan Biotechnology Research Committee has continued series of international and domestic symposium in which sciences were discussed to help regulatory framework.

In 2010, the committee published "Present Knowledge in Genetically Modified Foods ". Many professors used the book at symposia related to the 5th meeting of the conference of the parties serving as the meeting of the parties to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (COP-MOP5). The book was edited by taskforce ERA(environmental risk assessment). This taskforce is going to supply information on environmental risk assessment by reports, homepage and symposia.

The committee has 3 taskforces. Those are ERA, Protein Allergenicity and Biotechnology Methods. Taskforce Protein Allergenicity and Taskforce Biotechnology Methods also held international symposia and workshops. In 2010, Taskforce Biotechnology Methods held "The Post Workshop of The 2nd plenary meeting of ISO/TC34/SC16 Horizontal Methods for Molecular Biomarkers Analysis".

ILSI Japan Biotechnology Research Committee has been playing a key role as a supplier of scientific information on safety and nutrition of GMO to disseminate good science.

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